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Gourmet Ghost Pepper Sauces & Condiments
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We thought it would be good to start a recipe section for our fellow spicy food lovers. We work in the kitchen quite a bit to come up with flavorful and zesty foods to make with our sauces and also hot peppers in general.  If you have a favorite that you make with any of our products, please feel free to e-mail it to us ( and we'll try it out. If we like it we'll add it here and of course give you credit!
    • This is the recipe that resulted in the creation of the Ghost of Carolina BBQ and Dipping Sauce. We were tired of the same old sauces so invented the tasty Carolina style BBQ sauce.
  • Hot Ham and Bean Soup
    • Looking for something good to make with that leftover holiday ham? Here's a winner.
    • Ever wanted to try to make your own beef jerky? This turned out really well.

    Tomatillo Sauce Recipes
    Since we released our new mild tomatillo sauce (Friendly Ghost) in June 2012, we have decided to devote this section to just using it in cooking. It was designed to make a variety of Southwestern and Mexican dishes, so we figured we'd pass on our favorites that we make with this sauce.
    Chicken Salsa Verde Dip (or Empanada Filling)
    • This is a tasty tomatillo dip that can also be used as an empanada filling.


    Easy Chicken Enchiladas

    • These are great for during the week when you want to make something at home but don't have a ton of time.